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Spring/Summer 2021 Women’s Pant, Trouser and Shorts Trend Forecast

Spring/Summer 2021 Women’s Pant, Trouser and Shorts Trend Forecast

As the Spring and Summer months are quickly approaching, we’re so excited to discover the hottest pants, trousers and shorts that should be on your radar this season. Over here at Trouser9, pants & trousers are one in the same with us, so if you hear us mention “trousers” or “pants’ just know we are referring to the same thing. We are counting down the days to when we can enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy ourselves outdoors. Who doesn’t love to flex in a cute outfit when the weather is nice?

How to Rock the Palazzo Pant

Palazzo Pants are a great piece every woman needs in her closet and you can style them in many different ways. These pants are a great balance of dressy with a relaxed loose fit that provides a sense of ease to your style. Let’s explore some ways to rock palazzo pants this coming Spring/Summer 2021.
How to rock the palazzo pants
5 Essential Pant Types to have in your Closet

5 Essential Pant Types to Have in Your Closet

If you think we are being bias about pants – think again. Yes, we love pants of course, built an entire business around it and we can’t get enough of them - so many styles, fabrics, colors and fits to choose from in today’s trends. 

Amp Your Fashion Style With 5 Ways to Wear A Blazer

When you think of blazers, you generally think they are only for a formal event or office settings. But in today’s modern wardrobe they are also considered to be the key essential staple jacket that you must have in your closet.
5 ways to wear a blazer
Leave An Impression With the Statement Pantsuit

Leave An Impression With the Statement Pantsuit

For several seasons, the pantsuit is always the first sign of power up dressing. Gone are the days where pantsuits are known as the working wardrobe for women. Nowadays, people choose... Read More

How to Dress Down a Purple Blazer for Women?

You haven't fully gain usage of your suit if you only wear it to formal settings. Gone are the days where you think you should only wear suits to formal events, weddings, job interviews or business meetings. Blazers are the "It" item for this Fall and we think a Purple Blazer should be your top pick!
purple blazer for women
Why Trousers?

Why Trousers?

With Trouser9, I wanted to create contemporary collection for women with curves. The woman who love’s high-end European and contemporary lines however have trouble fitting them. I design specifically for... Read More