Why Trousers?

With Trouser9, I wanted to create contemporary clothing for women with curves. The woman who loves all the high-end European and contemporary lines but have trouble fitting them. I design specifically for that woman with curves, who is chic, stylish and respects tailored craftsmanship. I love pants, wide leg, straight leg and all the new various trends you can get them, but majority of the contemporary brands fit doesn't hug your curves like they should - and that's a no go! 

Fit Formula

Two of the main elements we like to focus on is Fit & Quality. The fit is an extremely important factor when when we develop and design. We have been in the lab for the past 4 years crafting and perfecting our fit formula.

The Trousers

The trousers are the heart & soul of the brand, because as women with curves, pants is the only category of clothing we have the most common fit issues with. I want to solve that problem for us women, especially the ones with curves and make them look damn good and feel hella confident when wearing our brand.

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